Monday, November 7, 2011

The waiting game

After months, ok if I am being honest years, of saying, "I'll start eating better and working out again after..." the day for change has finally arrived. The dot, dot, dot part has been too many things to list. It may have been a get together with friends, a holiday, a stressful event, or so many others. I have used every reason I could think of to not change. The one that started it all was the...after I am pregnant excuse. I started gaining weight before I even conceived. I had the mentality that if I was going to get huge anyways why even keep trying? What I didn't anticipate was it taking a whole year to get pregnant. Then of course during my pregnancy I ate anything that didn't say, do not consume, on the label. Now, let me clear one thing up, I am not extremely overweight. I have always had a pretty good metabolism and I am a tall girl. Weight was never an issue with me until my early twenties. It was then that I realized that I couldn't eat a whole bag of chips in one sitting anymore without seeing changes in my body. Another side note I will share with you is that I used to be addicted to exercising too. I loved working out and I loved my body (and yes, even the way it looked in skinny jeans.) I now realize that no matter how good I looked or what that scale said, I was still not making great decisions about what I put in my body and therefore I was not "healthy." However, now, not only am I not eating what I should be, but I am also not working out regularly and therefore I am the most unhappy with my self image I have ever been. It is time to stop waiting. I want to be healthy and I want to be a good example to my daughter. Starting today. That also means not becoming obsessed about what I look like. I need to accept that I have had a baby and I will never again have my old body back. Instead, I will have a new improved womanly shape and I will learn to embrace it, curves and all. However, the only way to love your body is to love yourself and that's the hardest part. I want to make a lot of changes in my life. Some of my other issues may spill over into this blog. This is because everything I do and face in my day to day life, impacts this goal I am setting. I think writing this blog will help motivate me and give me an outlet for the frustrations along the way. This will be a long road, because it will hopefully be the rest of my life, and road blocks are bound to appear along the way, however I know I can handle whatever may come. Lastly let me just address the name I choose for this blog, The skinny jean diaries; it does not mean that this blog will be all about me and my mission to wear them (although I do have a pair hanging in my closet that I hope to again put on with pride), but it is about my mission to conquer them. I will stare them in the face and say, you don't scare me skinny jeans, because instead of representing failure, they will represent a fight. I choose to try and I will not give up.

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